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Sharon Reid

Parkside Beauty



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Advanced, Beard removal, Blend, Flash, Galvanic, Men, Thermolysis, PreGRS

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MacKenzie Rd, London N7 8QS, UK

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My name is Sharon Reid I am the director of Parkside Beauty and the current chairperson of the
BIAE. We (Parkside Beauty) have been established since 1981 and have a passion and extensive
knowledge of Electrolysis and Beauty care. I have been in the industry for 30 years specialising in all
aspects of Electrolysis. This is a skill that not only requires precision but a passion to help others. Successful Electrolysis treatment can literally change people’s lives, and this is the fuel that drives us in our Clinic and me personally to continually update, study and attend workshops on Electrolysis alone. It is immensely satisfying to do and see results for permanent hair removal and advanced Electrolysis blemish removal. My passion for this skill extends to mentoring others and supporting the BIAE with courses for the members and in the assessments to keep the standard high for the benefit of the public – our clients. There’s so much to learn in the world of Electrology including technology, tools and different strategies for success and speed.
These two simple currents can be used for so many different things, Electrolysis has been around for decades and it’s not going anywhere in fact it just keeps getting better. I’d like to always be involved in Electrolysis in some way now and for the future.

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