Join the British Institute & Association of Electrolysis

Join the BIAE

The British Institute and Association of Electrolysis - the BIAE - is the only Professional Body in the UK dedicated to Electrolysis and representing Professional Electrolysists in the UK and overseas.

As a member you will be recognised as an expert in your field by colleagues, industry and the public.

We are a non-profit making organisation dedicated to upholding the highest of standards and maintaining excellence in the field of electrolysis.

Whether you are employed or self-employed you are sure to find membership of the BIAE more than just another certificate to put on your wall.


Membership for 1 year includes:

  • A listing in the online directory for client referrals

  • A subscription to our newsletter The Probe, including access to all back issues via the members only section of the website

  • Discounted training courses, seminars and AGM tickets

  • A range of stationery with the BIAE logo only available to members

  • On top of these benefits you will also be a part of a professional body that stands up for your interests, and works tirelessly to promote electrolysis as performed by BIAE members.

Student membership

Not ready to take the assessment just yet? Perhaps you are still studying at college. Student membership gives you:

  • A subscription to The Probe

  • Support to help you prepare for the entrance assessment

  • Mentorship from a BIAE member

Benefits of joining

  • Professional, elite status as an Electrolysist

  • NHS & BUPA recogntion as a professional Electrolysist

  • Public recognion as a professional Electrolysist

  • A range of discounted training courses including Advanced Electrolysis and Practical CPD

  • Wide range of medical and professional experts delivering lectures at BIAE seminars and AGM

  • Comprehensive membership insurance policy

  • Members’ help line/support via board members and secretary

  • Professional representation

  • Electrolysis industry professional magazine - new The Probe

  • Professional BIAE branded Stationery: Record cards; Case History cards; Advanced leaflets; Poster and Banner

  • Members are never alone even though they may work in isolation: members have the support and expertise of over 100 years experience from the BIAE board and fellow members​

  • The BIAE is a Non-Profit Organisation working for members and to inform the public

Click the button below and fill in the application form. Alternatively you can also call, email or write to us for an application pack to apply for the initial assessment.

Membership categories available:

  • Practising

  • Non practising

  • Overseas (EU)

  • Overseas (Non EU)

  • Lecturer

  • Student

  • Retired

View a sample page of our entrance handbook and even try out a sample of the written assessment.

CPD - What is it and why does it matter?

The intention of CPD is to allow the practitioner to keep their knowledge and skills up to date through regular seminars and courses. This keeps our members abreast of industry changes, latest technology, legislation and a range of illnesses and medical conditions which they may come across within their working environment. Ultimately it will benefit the public who are seeking electrolysis.


We recommended that our members undertake annual Continuous Professional Development (CPD) which is checked by the BIAE Board who then award the relevant CPD points. Annually members are required to achieve a minimum of 10 CPD points but many exceed this.