Hair removal methods

Women and men around the world remove unwanted hair growth. This blog will enable everyone to understand the pros and cons of different types of hair removal methods from a professional’s point of view. When contemplating removing unwanted face and body hair growth you need to consider the best method depending upon the following: - Location of hair growth – face or legs etc. - Type of hair – fine or coarse - Result required – temporary or permanent - Time and financial cost involved

BIAE insurance policy for Covid-19

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As the BIAE Board we urge you to watch and follow government
updates and apply for grants and wages as soon as they are available. Wages will only be paid by HMRC for existing staff so do not lay off unless absolutely necessary.
We are here as a Board to reassure you and to talk to you during this frightening time. Be assured that our clients will still be there when this is over and will need
us more than ever to boost their confidence and make them feel human again. Keep calm and stay well and strong.


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