Electrolysis hair removal is the only medically

approved form of permanent hair removal, period.

About Electrolysis

Electrolysis is a course of treatment that permanently removes hair growth when performed by a registered, skilled and experienced electrolysist.

Electrolysis permanent hair removal has the longest known track record together with the most effective results for permanent hair removal. Dr Charles Michel first used it successfully in 1875 to remove ingrown eyelashes. He discovered that once the follicle had been treated with electrolysis the hair was permanently destroyed.

For over 100 years, electrolysis has been recognised as a safe, reliable method of treating all skin and hair types. Many new treatments for hair reduction or non-permanent hair removal have emerged over the years; electrolysis has remained the only treatment to achieve permanent and complete eradication of unwanted hair when performed by a skilled, experienced practitioner.

For those who seek complete and permanent hair removal on any part of the body, regardless of skin tone or hair colour, there remains only one method that is approved by the British Medical Association – electrolysis.

There are 3 methods of electrolysis to choose from in order to tailor your treatment to your skin type and reaction, and all 3 are capable of permanently removing hair. They are:

  • Galvanic

  • Thermolysis (is also called diathermy or RF diathermy in some countries).

  • The Blend

Advanced treatments


Thermolysis (diathermy)

PreSRS hair removal

Beard removal (trans clients)