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Hello, my name is Julia Wallis, an accredited and registered Electrologist and Beauty Therapist with over 30 years’ experience in salons, spas and clinics in the South East including London and now the south West. I offered a wide range of Beauty Therapies, Including Electrolysis, Advanced Cosmetic Electrolysis, Holistic facials and Energy Healing. After having my family, I started my own practice in 2009.
For me – personally and professionally – beauty is more than skin deep. In my own life and my practice with clients, my philosophy is to take a mindful, holistic approach to health, well-being and the environment.
I believe we’re all beautiful from within. By combining conventional and modern beauty treatments such as electrolysis with ancient healing practices like Energy Healing and Reiki, we can all be the best versions of ourselves – both inside and out – and feel confident, nurtured and valued.
When it comes to skincare products, I passionately believe that the healing power of nature is our greatest ally. Each and every one of us also has a duty of care toward our planet to ensure a sustainable future.
The story behind my products.
In my practice, while treating clients with electrolysis and other therapies, I noticed a gap in the market for preparation and aftercare products that are both highly effective and completely natural.
For the benefit of clients, I decided to create a bespoke cruelty-free skincare range using natural botanical ingredients. And so, Julia Wallis Natural Skincare was born, offering two products: Hydrating Skin Treatment Preparation and Therapeutic Aftercare.
Feedback from clients and visible results soon surpassed my expectations, so in 2020 these skincare products launched to the wider electrolysis and beauty industry, and to the general public. My hope is to grow this range that’s both good for the skin and the environment. For details of the Julia Wallis Natural Skincare range, visit my website Products page.

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