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Janet Turner

The Diathermy Skin Clinic



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Advanced, Beard removal, Blend, Galvanic, Men, Thermolysis, PreGRS

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Queen's Dr, Ossett WF5 0ND, UK

The Diathermy Skin Clinic 22

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From qualifying in 1984 I have opened business specialising in advanced skin treatments and electrolysis. During this time, I took myself back to university where I achieved a ‘Certificate of Education’ Degree. I accepted a position as a lecturer at Leeds College where I focused on Skin, Anatomy and Physiology and Electrolysis. Really loved working with the learners and seeing them progress. I have always remained a hands-on practitioner throughout the years and work within my clinic specialising on advanced blemish removal/reduction and electrolysis including transgender work for beard removal and Pre-SRS. (NHS Reg.) I continue to work as an independent educator and was privileged to be invited to be part of a team closely involved in driving the new national L5 qualification within our profession. Through this work I have become an advocate of dermoscopy and had the opportunity to co-author educational publications and privileged to be invited as a promotional speaker at advanced aesthetic and medical conventions. The work of an Electrolysist is extremely rewarding and I am a proud to be a member of the BIAE and all it stands for!

CPD History

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1 Day Seminar/Lecture/AGM - 5 CPD
Diathermy Skin Clinic
Demonstrated SD on Seb K/Age spot
Reflective Practice - 3 CPD
Diathermy Skin Clinic
Physiological reasons for this and differences from the norm! Specific care for this type of skin - protocols associated with referrals to establish medical issues.
Miscellaneous Industry Related - 5 CPD
Diathermy Skin Clinic
Legalities, protocols and explanations of documents and evidence required by the NHS for applying for the procurement process
1 Day Seminar/Lecture/AGM - 5 CPD
Diathermy Skin Clinic
Overview and further awaremess of NHS system/Menopause and peri-menopause/difficult clients and marketing guidance
1 Day Seminar/Lecture/AGM - 5 CPD
Diathermy Skin Clinic
Protocols associated with the managment and handling of TG clients - treatment requirements, pre surgery site positioning, different types of surgery and why - practical applications using models and various machines for efficacy and comfort.
1 Day Seminar/Lecture/AGM - 5 CPD
Diathermy Skin Clinic
Usage of different machines - current settings and modifications - thoery of currents - practical application
1 Day Seminar/Lecture/AGM - 5 CPD
Diathermy Skin Clinic
Information Governance - Health & Safety - Infection Prevention - Equality & Diversity - Safeguarding - Complaints procedures
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