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Hazel Critchlow

Skin Deep Electrolysis Clinic



07730 981812



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Advanced, Beard removal, Blend, Flash, Galvanic, Men, Thermolysis, PreGRS

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Bent Lanes, Urmston, Manchester M41 8NZ, UK

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I have over 30 years of experience in the Beauty Therapy industry.
Specialising in electrolysis hair removal and Advanced Cosmetic Procedures for the last 25 years.
In my career I have worked for Sterex Electrolysis for 20 years in their training department. I have spent over 6 years as a college lecturer teaching electrolysis.
I have been a member of the British Institute & Association of Electrolysis for over 10 years. I also do the assessment in the North-West area, and help with the refreshing of skills for any practitioners wishing to join the association.
I am a registered NHS provider for electrolysis for transgender clients.
I do regular training courses to keep my skills up to date.
I have owned my own clinic for over 25 years providing a service to the highest standard.
I have a wide range of equipment so all different methods of electrolysis are available. Each treatment is tailor made for the client with the aim to make it as effective and comfortable as possible.
Electrolysis is a great passion of mine as I love to help people feel better about the way that they look.

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