Multi needle technique

Galvanic electrolysis has been in use for more than 150 years (first successfully used in 1875) and has a proven track record. Galvanic electrolysis was further developed and in 1916, an additional 5 – 12 needles were added to the unit allowing for multiple hairs to be treated at once reducing treatment time.

This is known as the multi-needle method. ​This type of electrolysis uses a chemical reaction to destroy the hair follicle, brought about using direct electrical current.

​The needles are inserted into follicles and a small electric charge is administered. This reacts with the saline found at the base of the follicle, to produce sodium hydroxide (known as lye).

This natural chemical acts to destroy the cells around it,  to effectively permanently disable the follicle and prevent hair cells from reproducing. The chemical continues its work for a period of time following removal of the needle.


​Multi-needle galvanic electrolysis is a highly effective means of permanently removing unwanted hair, however it is time-consuming, requiring at least 3 minutes per hair.

This method is best suited to coarse, thick hair e.g. beards and all types of body hair.​