Hair removal for men

Hair removal for men has become a popular treatment in male grooming. Electrolysis, proving to be the only permantent hair removal treatment is used for the removal of all hair. Outstanding results can be achieved for the removal of chest, back, abdomen and arm hair, brows and neck hair, fingers, ears, toes. Full beard shaping or removal if required.


All areas of the body can be treated with electrolysis. It works anywhere you have hair. There is no patch of hair that electrolysis can’t handle. Unlike laser or IPL hair reduction, this treatment can be used on all skin colours and hair types – ginger, blonde, brunette, dark, tanned and pale skin – you can all rejoice.


Many men invest in this choice of treatment after years of temporary removal such as waxing. Do away with in growing hairs . Be permanently hair free.

Flash technique

Flash thermolysis uses High Frequency only. It coagulates/cauterises the tissue delivering the current within 100 th – 1000 th of a second by way of a pulse. This method of treatment is only available on a computerised machines such as the Instantron Elite Spectrum and the Apilus machines.


The pulse is an intense shot of energy at the tip of the needle and instead of a pear-shaped pattern that forms around the tip as in low slow thermolysis or the Blend – in Flash it is like a ball. Insulated needles or probes are more often than not used ensuring the current stays at the tip enabling the operator to pulse the current one or more times along the length of the follicle from the base to the bulge to denature cells and successfully release the hair.