Galvanic permanent electrolysis

This is the original method of electrolysis permanent hair removal. It is the term used to describe the method of treatment to destroy unwanted hair using a direct current. The direct current passes from one pole (or point) to another, passing through the hair follicle via a fine probe (or needle). One pole is held by the receiver of treatment which usually comprises a metal bar that the electrolysist covers with a disposable cover.


This method of treatment relies on the galvanic current causing a chemical destruction of the tissue in the hair follicle, thus making the removal of hair very easy. It is dependent upon the presence of moisture in the skin and therefore this method of hair removal is not suitable for dry or dehydrated skin.

Galvanic Electrolysis permanent hair removal is slower than thermolysis but the chemical action to destroy the hair follicle is very effective. It is particularly suitable for people with sensitive skin and those with distorted hair follicles.
The galvanic method alone is not widely used for hair removal in the U.K., mainly due to its slow action, however, when combined with the high frequency method, as the blend, it is an effective method of permanent hair removal.


A momentary sensation of heat is felt during treatment, each time a hair is treated. This sensation varies according to the area of the body being treated and from person to person. A topical anaesthetic can be purchased from a pharmacist and applied prior to treatment to reduce this sensation if required.