Blend electrolysis

Blend Electrolysis is used for both permanent hair removal and the removal of thread veins (Telangiectasia). The Blend modality is a combination of the two currents used in Electrolysis, Galvanic, also known as Direct current (DC) and Thermolysis, also known as High Frequency current (HF). When carefully blended these two currents can facilitate an exceptional treatment. The Blend is a gentle yet thorough modality and can take as little as 2 seconds or as long as 10 seconds to reach desired results.

Blend used for hair removal is a popular choice for therapists and has been for many decades, it has proven to give permanent results on tenacious, terminal thick hair on any part of the face or body. Both currents work together to successfully denature the cells responsible for hair growth and often with little skin reactions. A metal pole/bar is held by the client for the DC current as with Galvanic Electrolysis treatment.

Blend for Telangiectases is equally successful, a very gentle modality for these delicate capillaries and another option for the qualified therapist in Advanced Electrolysis.

The Blend is renowned for its success rate in permanency provided currents are carefully blended and a BIAE member will have the knowledge to give a thorough and successful treatment with the Blend.