Beard removal for trans clients

In our directory you'll see two keys, TG and PreSRS, to indicate hair removal services requested by transgender and transsexual individuals. These treatments require longer appointment times in comparison to most electrolysis treatments, so these keys show which BIAE members can accommodate these treatments.


Not all members have opted to put this information in the public directory as they may work on referrals only, so if you cannot find a member close to you then please contact our head office to see if there are more members available.

TG Beard removal

There are no average times for completion as some women have less hair than others, plus are more sensitive than others. You may be able to ask your GP to provide Emla™ cream 30g on prescription when treating sensitive areas such as the upper lip.

If your hair is dark and you wish to cover the shadow under the skin then specialist concealers used for scar and tattoo cover are more useful than cosmetic products. However you must never apply these to broken skin or straight after treatment.

PreSRS - Hair removal from the genitals prior to sexual reassignment surgery for M to F women. Again it is useful to have Emla™prescribed by your GP to help facilitate this type of hair removal. Hair removal for donor sites prior to phalloplasty for F to M men


Many of our members offer this treatment - You can find our members who offer this beard removal here